Resurgence of Somali pirates creates another ‘danger zone’ for shipping

By Charlotte Goldstone 11/04/2024 The distressing ‘new normal’ of geopolitical tension has created danger zones for international shipping, with seafarers forced onto the front line.   The ICC’s International Maritime Bureau (IMB) yesterday released its Q1 report on maritime piracy off the coast of Somalia, showing 33 recorded incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships.  This represents […]

Shipping disruption and e-commerce demand driving up airfreight rates

By Alex Lennane 03/04/2024 The start of the airline summer season this month is likely to hit airfreight rates with an increasing amount of belly capacity on passenger routes.   But right now, despite the major tradelanes not seeing significant changes, there remain pockets of high volumes.  Ex-India is still busy, say forwarders.   “Space is still congested across all […]

Baltimore bridge collapse may cost billions, dramatically disrupt supply chains

Port of Baltimore handled over $80 billion worth of cargo in 2023 Noi Mahoney·Tuesday, March 26, 2024 The collapse of Maryland’s Francis Scott Key Bridge Tuesday after it was struck by a cargo ship continues to block access to the Port of Baltimore and could disrupt shipping flows across the U.S. The Singapore-flagged MV Dali container ship collided […]

FedEx pilots take harder line as contract dispute drags on Factions coalesce around new union reps, more aggressive tactics Eric Kulisch·Friday, March 15, 2024 Listen to this article8 minListen to this article8 min Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn The board that sets the strategic direction for the pilots’ union at FedEx Express is projecting a united front after […]

Amid debate over rail safety concerns, another Norfolk Southern train derails

Before weekend incident in Pennsylvania, missives were flying over NS and Union Pacific efforts John Kingston·Sunday, March 03, 2024 With a Norfolk Southern derailment in Pennsylvania on Saturday that sent diesel fuel into a Lehigh Valley River, the already heated battle over control of the railroad with safety issues as a backdrop got even hotter.  […]

Taiwanese startup Starlux Airlines orders 5 A350 freighters from Airbus

European manufacturer, Boeing tied in battle for next-gen cargo aircraft Eric Kulisch·Wednesday, February 21, 2024 Taiwan-based Starlux Airlines, which has only existed for four years and operates 21 passenger jets, on Tuesday inked a deal to buy five next-generation A350 cargo jets from Airbus. The announcement, which was made by the companies during the Singapore […]

Major delays in cross-border cargo flow after glitch in Mexican customs system

By Ian Putzger, Americas correspondent 12/02/2024 A seemingly unceasing series of glitches in the computer system of Mexico’s National Customs Agency (ANAM) disrupted freight movements in and out of the country for up to three days last week. Worst affected were truck moves across the US border, but ports and airports also experienced problems. According to ANAM, […]

Scheduling chaos puts carriers under pressure from shippers

By Mike Wackett 16/01/2024 Carriers are coming under some pressure from their major VIP shippers to announce temporary network changes, so that their supply chains can be adjusted to match. Amid the scheduling chaos caused by diversions and delays, carriers continue to issue blank sailing announcements for Asian export loaders, even though the backhaul sailings of the […]

12 Nations Threaten to Hold Houthis Accountable for Red Sea Attacks

PUBLISHED JAN 3, 2024 6:21 PM BY THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE 11 nations have joined with the United States to send a final warning to Yemen’s Houthi militant faction, which has attacked Red Sea shipping two dozen times since November. The small coalition warned that the attacks are “illegal, unacceptable, and profoundly destabilizing,” and that the Houthis […]

As warships move into the Red Sea, carriers delay or re-route 100+ box ships

By Charlie Bartlett 18/12/2023 As US warships steam for the Gulf of Aden, Cosco-owned OOCL has stopped “cargo acceptance to and from Israel, with immediate effect, until further notice”, while over 100 vessels have either delayed or re-routed voyages rather than risk a Red Sea transit. This morning, Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen – whose company has some […]